Monday, October 27, 2008

First Post on the new Racing Blog

With another year of racing coming to a close I have decided to start keeping track of my progress through this blog. With fall in full swing and leaves almost all off of the trees New England is getting ready for winter, which means plenty of good riding left. This past weekend my friend Sean and I had two great ride, about 4.5 hours of mountain biking on Saturday and just over 4 hours of road bike on Sunday. Its easy to want to ride when the trail looks like this:

Riding the rocks with the leaves on the trail is a nice challenge, because rock gardens as far as the eye can see is simply not enough. The ride was great with a little rain mid day, but the single speed felt good and it was nice to see some new trails.

The road ride on Sunday took us to some of the hill towns as Sean called them. There was a few good climbs at by the end of the day we had gone 65 miles and had climbed 4000 ft, which left us a little tired after the long day on Saturday, but the weather was nice and route was very fun and had some great views.