Friday, February 6, 2009

Thumb Therapy: Day 1

Today was the first time that I did exercises at physical therapy. When I got there they treated me with therapeutic ultrasound, its not the imaging type, but the sounds waves are supposed to help reduce swelling and help get my thumb back in action. I also performed a number of exercises with a puddy designed to strengthen and stabilize my joint.

For some color commentary I decided to throw in a picture of me performing one of my exercises:

Don't worry, doing the exercises is much more exciting than it looks, but either way you better believe I will be doing them as prescribed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Current Thumb Situation

So I sprained my thumb back in Novermber, and it has not really been healing like I would have liked it to. So on Tuesday I went for my first visit to the physical therapist. They did some tests and determined that my strength and range of motion were the same on both thumbs. My problem is that it is still swollen, and I just dont feel confident if I were to fall on it again, so gotta get it fixed. I have another appointment on Friday, to began the real therapy, but in the mean time I am wearing this wrap. In case you were wondering this wrap is made of a high tech polymer called a shape memory polymer, cool stuff!

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