Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blunt Park Cyclocross- The Double!

After racing the Monson Cross race on Saturday, I was very excited to head over to Blunt Park on Sunday to race some more.  This time I was going to race 2 races, back to back!  My plan was to race the Cat 1,2,3 race and then turn right around and then race the Cat. 3,4 race.  It was 90 degrees, dusty, and humid, tough conditions for back to back races, but time to push my limits. 

The 1,2,3 race went out with a bang and never looked back.  I didn't have a chance to pre-ride the course so the first lap was wild, and dust was everywhere.  

After a few laps I got a feel for the course and was able to start moving.  I ended up placing 15th out of 21 riders, not where I wanted to be it is still early on in the cross season. 

After I crossed the finish line of the first race, I immediately turned right around and headed back to the starting line of the next race.  My wife Caroline had a cool towel and a PowerBar Strawberry Banana Energy Gel waiting for me, and I had about 8 minutes to catch my breath before the next one stated.  And here we go!

I was able to get a great start and was the first rider to get into the single track.  I was feeling good and leading the race for the first few laps, however as it was the second race of the day and the third of the weekend, I started to fade.  My teammate Sean kept pushing me, and I was able to keep going for a while, but he passed me and I went as hard as I could for the rest of the race.

At the end I crossed the line 7 out of 65, a great result, and a good way to finish up my three race weekend. Till next time!

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